Mick Fulleylove – Chair person

FIBMS MSc Biomedical Science - Cellular Pathology

Mick has worked in the Pharma industry since 1979, working in both GLP and non-GLP histology (Discovery world)  environments, during this time Mick gained his Fellowship of the IBMS closely followed by a MSc in Biomedical Sciences/Cellular Pathology. He worked his way up to Histology lab manager, initially managing small teams of histologists to the present day where he is managing a much larger team spread across two sites. Mick has been involved with the EHF initially as a young green behind the ears delegate when it first started as the Industrial Histology Discussion group (IHDG) back in early eighties, getting elected onto the organising  committee in the early 2000s, later made vice chairperson and eventually to the present position of chairperson.