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The European Histopathology Forum (EHF) started as the Industrial Histopathology Discussion Group (IHDG) in 1981.

It was formed originally by a small group of like-minded scientific professionals working in innovative industrial research within the field of Histopathology.

The original objective of providing a forum for discussion of topics specific to the needs of the industry has been carried forward through the years and developed to encompass training, experience, motivation and mentoring. It also offers these skills and discussions out to other interested parties working in all aspects of the discipline of Histopathology.

The EHF organise and annual meeting over 2-3 days which comprises lectures and workshops for all levels of expertise. This is held at a venue which offers facilities for relaxation and interaction of delegates to further enrich their experience. These meetings have and continue to be, actively supported by the trade, who provide a trade show during the event where it is possible to view and discuss products specifically designed to help in the field of Histopathology.

The younger members of staff are actively encouraged to participate, learn and it is hoped that this will inspire them in their chosen careers.

The committee hopes that you will enjoy looking at the website and join us at our annual meeting details of which, both past and present can be accessed on this site.