Hitesh Dave

MSc Guj, MSc Sur, DISM, CSci, CBiol, MRSB

Hitesh has been with the committee of the European Histopathology Forum since 2016 and working as an active committee member, handling a lead role in developing the first time ever website for the EHF organisation. He has over 20 years’ of global experience in Non-clinical safety assessment, toxicology, pathology as well as in discovery areas in the Pharmaceutical R&D (India & UK) with a special interest in regulatory and discovery Histopathology techniques, processes and procedures, as well as having a full knowledge and understanding of many Specialised Histopathology techniques including digital pathology imaging. Hitesh’s current role as Scientific Research Investigator in GSK UK which encompasses the major involvement in digital imaging areas including Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) and qunatification of images (Image analysis) using various platforms like definiens, Halo and Aperio. Hitesh has shown diversity in his career and worked as a Project manager in South Africa township for Children health during his placement as a GSK Pulse Ambassdor 2015 and as a GSK Public relations & communications leader in 2017 for the Children health centre (Hope Park) in south Africa township as part of “Corporate Social Responsibility” Programme.